Gold & Silver Prices Are About to CHANGE FOREVER – Andy Schectman

Key insights

  • 📈 Countries like China, Russia, and India that understand the value of gold and silver will be in the driver’s seat, potentially changing the price setting mechanism.
  • 🌐 China’s dedication to technological Innovation and its efforts to enhance its Global infrastructure capabilities are underscored by the introduction of an ultr largescale blockchain infrastructure platform intended to support various projects along the belon road.
  • 📈 The infrastructure for a new trading platform that sidesteps Swift is being built, indicating a shift in the global gold and silver market.
  • 💰 “We’re moving into a system where it’s all about Commodities and he or she who has the Commodities will make the rules.”
  • 📈 The West may have lost control over gold and silver prices, and the accumulation of physical assets may lead to a significant market shift.
  • 🌍 Major players like China, Russia, and India are making strategic moves in commodity trading, anticipating significant power shifts within the global economy.

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